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Pour over coffee brewer - Ceramic by Maverick & Farmer

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Hand made with some truly fine craftsmanship, this ceramic pour-over brewer is perfect for home brewing when you want only the cleanest tasting notes from your single-origin coffee. Pour-over brewing is a brewing process that does not allow for much 'immersion' of your coffee grinds in water, with constant replenishment of water. Therefore what you get is a flavourful cup with no over-extraction or extended bitterness. Watch our videos on pour-over brewing to master this technique. 

Pour over coffee brewing is highly addictive! The aroma release, the circular method of pouring, arriving at your own final recipe of water-to-coffee-powder etc can make this a very immersive method of brewing. 

If you know of someone who is really into coffee, this is a perfect hand-crafted gift too!

This pour-over filter works with v60 size 2 filter papers. 

We also sell the filter papers so you will never run out! Click here to buy filters

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