FAQs – Maverickandfarmer


How often do you roast your coffee.

We roast our coffee in the mornings, on a daily basis. Our orders collated across different stores such as our website, Amazon, Flipkart and other marketplaces, offline sales requirements, orders from cafes, restaurants, hotels etc., all come together to generate a roasting schedule every morning and we roast based on this schedule. By the end the day when all the packing and dispatch is done, we are back to a near-zero stock of roasted beans. This ensures absolute freshness of our coffee.

How long will you take to ship my order.

Once you place your order, the same will be roasted and dispatched on the next working day.

How long will it take for my order to reach me.

We roast and dispatch all orders on the next working day. We use multiple courier partners - Fedex, Delhivery, Bluedart - choosing the one that shows the least time to deliver to your address. Most major cities have a 2 day delivery estimate. This means, your order date + a total of 1 (roasting and packing) + 2 (shipping) working days. Smaller towns and tier 2 cities take between 3-7 days for a delivery. All delivery timelines could get impacted if there are restrictions due to COVID etc,

What grind size should I choose for my order?

Please choose the grindsize that matches your brewing equipment. We have a range of grind sizes and we grind the coffee separately for each order. For example, if you have a French Press that you use to brew coffee, please choose ‘French Press’ grind. If you are not sure, do get in touch with us at sales@goodfarmerfoods.in.

I don’t have any brewing equipment, which grind size do I choose?

We have a grind size called ‘Channi / Strainer’. This is the simplest way to brew coffee, and all it needs is a steel strainer that you will in all probability have at home. Please choose this grind size.

How long does freshly roasted coffee last.

Roasted coffee lasts for a really long time. Sometimes even beyond a year, without getting harmful for consumption. HOWEVER, coffee (and especially artisan coffee) is at its best upto about 45 days from roasting. After this it gradually begins to lose some of its subtler flavours and aromas.

Is it best to consume only freshly roasted coffee?

Not necessarily. Freshly roasted coffee needs some time for ‘de-gassing’ which basically means release of CO2 and other gases formed during roasting. CO2 when mixed with brewing water can create sour-ish notes in your brew. Coffee also requires some amount of ‘resting’ time - say about 4-7 days post roasting for some of it’s flavours to develop. This is especially true when you are using espresso as a method of extraction.

What if my payment has been deducted, but I haven’t gotten an order confirmation.

In some cases, a payment may be deducted from your account, but gets stuck at the Payment Gateway. The transaction will almost always be auto-reversed from the payment gateway and will be credited back to your account in 1-5 working days. On the rare instance that the credit does not happen, do get in touch with us at sales@goodfarmerfoods.in and we will sort it out for you.