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Beginner stainless steel Moka Pot + Coffee pack

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Shipped with a 50gm pack of Moka-pot grind coffee. Choose your preferred coffee!

Extremely durable and built for rugged use, this functional stainless steel moka pot is a great way to start brewing espresso at home. Simple to use, it works efficiently   on your gas stove, brewing an espresso shot in under 4 minutes. 

This little wondrous piece of brewing equipment brews home-espresso that's enough for 2 cups of coffee.

Freshly roasted coffee powder (preferably) that's ground medium fine (ask for our 'moka pot grind') is placed in the coffee filter basket. Water is filled upto the safety valve level in the lower chamber. The upper chamber is then screwed into place, 

All it takes from here on is to place this on the fire, and a quick 2-4 minutes later you have freshly brewed espresso!

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