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Our Roastery

At the Maverick & Farmer coffee, we roast our beans every day for coffee that is shipped to customers across the country, served at our own cafes, at our partner cafes and as well as our wholesale customers across the country.


We have a profile roasting machine and each of our coffees has a pre-defined profile for a roasting temperature and time graph.. 

Our Roastmasters are highly skilled and are constantly cupping coffees to ensure that cupping scores are consistent. 


We also have a roastery on our farm in Coorg. A lab roaster is used on a weekly basis to check the consistency of bean flavour and to ensure that there are no changes due to storage of green beans or moisture. Green beans are sent from our estate in Coorg to our roastery in Bangalore, once a week, and only after very stringent quality check processes.