Hario v60 coffee dripper - size 02

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An incredible easy, yet delicious method of brewing coffee. This v60 pour-over brewer sits on top of your coffee cup. Place your filter paper in this v60 dripper, add your choice of coffee grounds, and just pour hot water in a steady, circular stream. in a few minutes, your coffee is done! Simple, but oh so flavourful. We love re-using filter papers too, check out our video to figure out how. 

This v60 coffee dripper is made of food-grade plastic, heat resistant, and super easy to travel with too. Made in Japan by Hario, a legendary name in single-serve home brewing. 

You could choose to add a glass server (carafe) to your shopping cart if you think you are going to be brewing more than a cup at a time. Unless you don't like sharing :)