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The Coorg Breakfast at Maverick & Farmer - September

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A Sunday brunch with all things Kodava - the legendary Pandi Curry,  Koot Curry...  delicious steamed delicacies such as the Kodambuttu, Paputtu and freshly made rice 'Ottis'.. Kodava sweets... we have it all. 

Presented by home Chef from Polibetta in Coorg, Suchi Thammaiah, the menu has ingredients, many of which are grown on the Maverick & Farmer farm (Nellikad Estate) in Kodagu.

Menu for the Kodava Brunch at Maverick & Farmer, Ulsoor:


Steamed morsels of broken rice, with the tiniest bit of white butter.

Kodava rice cakes, steamed and infused with a mild flavouring coconut.

Hot rice rotties, a perfect accompaniment for almost any Kodava savoury dish. Fabulous with a dollop  of butter too.

Main course

Koot curry
A mix of local Kodava vegetables, in a flavour packed curry made with cumin, coriander, red chillies and fresh coconut.

Bolarri palya (Mangalore Cucumber)

A mildy spiced dish made with Onion,Ginger Garlic paste and Jaggery.

Pandi curry
The legendary Kodava favourite,  pork in gravy made with extremely slow roasted spices, cooked until soft and tender and finished with Kachampuli - a dark, fruity Vinegar, only found in Coorg.

Koli curry
A mildy spiced chicken curry with a family recipe perfected by Suchi.


Cucumber Salad
Sliced cucumber marinated in a local gingery-coconut chutney dressing.

Fruiti De Passoa
Another favourite at our cafe, made with romaine lettuce, orange and a dressing of passion fruit (again, grown on our estate)


A unique dessert made with roasted and hand pounded red rice, sesame seeds, ghee and jaggery. 

A traditional steamed dessert made with rice, jaggery, cashew nut.

Filter kaapi tartlets
Mini tarts with a filling of almond cream infused with Maverick & Farmer’s Parama blend



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24th September,  Sunday, 8:30 a.m and 10:45 a.m.

Maverick & Farmer Cafe, Ulsoor, Bengaluru. Click here for directions.


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