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Grindsize Chart

Choosing the right grind size to match your brewing equipment is key.

When the coffee is ground fine (and extraction time remaining the same) it's surface area that comes in contact with water is much higher, and hence the resultant coffee that is extracted is far more concentrated / thicker / stronger, than a coarser grind of coffee (for the same extraction time). However, this doesn't mean that finer the grind, stronger the coffee, as recommended brewing times for different methods of brewing (equipment) vary. Hence a French Press, which uses a very coarse grind size, has a brewing time of 3 minutes, as opposed to an Espresso machine, which has a a very fine grind size, but a brewing time of 30-50 seconds.

In order of 'Fine' to 'Very Coarse' as a grind size requirement, the corresponding brewing equipments are listed as follows. 

Turkish coffee - Espresso (Commercial) - Espresso (home machines) - Aeropress - Moka Pot - Electric (drip) Filter - South Indian Filter - Pour-over Filter - French Press.

Refer to this chart below for a visual depiction of the same.