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The work-from-home kit - Discounted price!

The work-from-home kit - Discounted price!

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A simple, easy to use work-from-home coffee kit to make endless cups of coffee through the day! This set comes with a stylish and futuristic TimeMore French Press that comes with a superior steel superfine filter and an additional filter for pouring, an artisanal handmade Maverick & Farmer ceramic cup (find out more) and a 250 gm pack of Parama by Maverick & Farmer. 

The French Press makes a rich brew that's full of body and flavour. As you gain experience with this method of brewing you will very soon be able to vary brewing times and play with coffee dosage to create your own brewing recipes that work best for you. 

If you like your coffee with a milk, then you can use this same kit to make a home-style 'cappuccino' or a 'latte'. Watch these videos to find out how!

This kit which costs Rs. 2,539 with shipping is available as a set at Rs. 2,300 with FREE SHIPPING!



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