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Orange You Curious?

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The second in our 'Maverick Coffees for 2020' series. Orange You Curious? is an orange juice fermented coffee. Our freshly pulped arabica beans go through a unique barrel fermentation process with orange juice (from our orange trees on the coffee farm) for 24 hours. The natural yeasts present on the orange skins, as well as the coffee skins, work on the fruit sugars and produce some truly unique flavours and fragrances. 

Enjoy this coffee black or with a tiny amount of milk. Cold-brewing Orange You Curious is awesome too!

Orange You Curious? from the Maverick & Farmer is a micro-lot coffee, we have a limited batch this year.   

Bean: Arabica

Process: Washed, primary and secondary fermented

Roast Profile: medium-light

Tasting notes: Citrus, cherry wine.

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