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Two Beans In A Pod

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Cocoa beans, like coffee beans, go through a similar fermentation process once harvested and scooped out of the pod. Fermentation gives the beans a complexity in flavour apart from being necessary to prepare the beans for the next step - roasting.. 

With Two Beans In A Pod, we've developed a unique method of fermenting freshly harvested beans of both cocoa and coffee, allowing a whole new world of microbes and sugar seeking bio-reactions to take over the process and in turn creating some really ingenious and beautiful flavours. 

Two Beans In A Pod is part of our 6 Maverick coffees for 21/22.

Bean: Single estate Arabica coffee and Malnad Cocoa

Process: Washed, primary and secondary fermented

Roast Profile: medium

Tasting notes: Chocolate (obviously!), Ripe Plum

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