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Cold brew - Dark & Fruity

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Dark & Fruity is for those who love their cold brew coffee with a heavier body, rich, and flavourful. Cold Brew - Dark & Fruity is a medium dark roast and the brew works well if had with a few cubes of ice and a splash of water (enjoy the Shiraz-like notes!). Go ahead and add milk or cream if you like, Dark & Fruity tastes great with this too. 

Dark & Fruity is one of our 3 unique cold brew coffees for 2021. Check out the others here.

If you'd like an simple and easy to use cold brew maker, check it out here

Bean: Arabica

Process: Honey, Wet-process.

Roast Profile: Medium-dark slow roast.

Tasting notes: Dry fruit, Shiraz, Caramel

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