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Cold Brew Maker - Set

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If you're all set to start make cold brew a part of your summer routine, this Cold Brew set is perfect for you you. Simple to use, efficient and cost effective, it comes with a brew tub and a 100% cotton double-filtering brew bag. 

This cold brew maker makes between 1 - 3 litres of cold brew concentrate. Make a batch and keep it in your refrigerator for upto 7 days. 

Every time you need to make yourself a glass of cold brew, just take 60 ml of the concentrate, top with ice or water, or milk. Other options include ice and tonic water, ice and soda with a wedge of orange, ice and condensed milk... get imaginative, you are now empowered with your own convenient cold brew maker!

STEPS to make cold brew, using your Cold Brew Maker.

1. Place the cotton brew bag in the brew bucket (check image)

2. Add coffee powder (Cold Brew grind size). Your ratio should be 1:4, i.e one part coffee to four parts water. So if you are using 200 gms of coffee powder, used 800 gms of water.

3. Pour clean, filtered (preferable RO) water into the brew bag, so it seeps through the coffee grounds and collects into the brew bucket. STIR the coffee grounds well.

5. Secure the brew bag by tightening the cords. 

6. Keep the cord outside the brew bucket as in image (check image). 

7. Place the brew bucket in the refrigerator and let it brew for 14 - 18 hours. More, if you like it stronger. 

8. After the brew is done, lift the brew bag and let it drain out into the bucket. Your cold brew concentrate is ready. 

To make your favourite drink, use 60 ml of this concentrate, add ice and water or any other mixer or dairy to suit your taste. 

Keep the concentrate refrigerated. 




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