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Harley Estate - single origin Arabica

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Harley Estate,

Our family's tryst with coffee cultivation began in the 19th century(over 150 years ago) in India’s Coffee Heartland. Today it is the 4th & 5th Generation planters (D.M. Purnesh, Chandini & Tapaswini) who are the torchbearers of this proud legacy. 
Our 500 acre shade-grown plantation, is a hotspot for Ecological practices and Biodiversity. Along with applying time honoured cultivation techniques, our forte is experimentation & innovation in processing methodologies and by-products of coffee.  
Winner/Top 3 for Best Robusta in India – for 13 years – Flavour of India, Fine Cup Award

Origin: Manjarabad, India

Elevation: 3100ft to 3400ft

Tasting Notes: Winey, Dark Chocolate & Green Apple

Roast: Medium Roast


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