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Cold brew - New Orleans Style

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Our New Orleans Style of cold brew is a blend of dark roasted  honey sun-dried coffee and roasted chicory root. This blend produces a strong, rich, deep and flavourful cold brew concentrate that tastes divine with a few ice cubes and some milk. Or condensed milk. 

A quick history lesson? Thanks to the French influence in New Orleans, roasted chicory root added to roasted coffee became a thing among the locals. Initially meant to make coffee beans last longer thanks to the shortage caused during the war, this unique flavour in the brew developed a huge fan following well past the years of war. 

Try this style of cold brew, especially if you like cold brew with milk or ice cream or cream or almond milk or condensed milk or.. ok, we're going to stop now. 

 Cold Brew - New Orleans Style is one of our 3 unique cold brew coffees for 2021. Check out the others here.

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Bean: Arabica, Robusta

Roasted Chicory root

Process: Honey Sun Dried.

Roast Profile: Dark Roast

Tasting notes: Chocolate, Toffee.

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