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The Coffee and Cheese pairing workshop with Käse

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While pairing cheese and coffee may not be commonplace, it isn’t very difficult to think of them together! Think of a ricotta bar with coffee or a more indulgent Basque cheesecake. How can we forget the freshly brewed filter coffee decoction with frothy milk or cappuccino, macchiatos or a cortado! Milk with its proteins and fats play an important role in making the coffee enjoyable but cheese with its sensory qualities and textures adds a different dimension.

Bhavi Patel
A dairy technologist & brand building specialist with a keen interest in foodomics & neurogastronomy, Bhavi loves telling stories, experimenting with ingredients & pairings, and nerding out over the science behind food.

Namrata Sundaresan
Namrata, is the Co-founder of Käse. Armed with a degree in business management and 15 years in international trade & Investment consulting it was the love of food that got her Introduced to cheesemaking! Her extensive travels introduced her to excellent cheeses across the world.

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