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Yo Colombo Breakfast @ Maverick & Farmer

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The Yo Colombo Breakfast Spread at Maverick & Farmer

What? A kitchen take-over by Priya Bala and Chef Anumitra

Where? At Maverick & Farmer's Ulsoor cafe in Bengaluru

When? Sunday, 14th of May from 8:00 a.m to 11:30 a.m


The food of Sri Lanka is something of a well-kept secret. Despite the picturesque island’s proximity to India, its cuisine, at once earthy and elegant, is little known here. Travellers are taken by the abundance of fresh produce and seafood that makes it to the everyday meal of rice and curry. The Sri Lankan breakfast repertoire is equally delightful – energy-rich, tasty and balanced. Rice is the preferred staple and several breakfast dishes are made from rice processed in many ways. Think fluffy puttu, steamed in bamboo tubes, stringhoppers pressed out in traditional moulds and hoppers that take great technique to get right. The accompaniments often use grated coconut or freshly squeezed coconut milk. That’s not suprising for a tropical island whose coconuts are considered among the world’s best. Fiery sambols, the signature Lankan condiment, are a foil to the creamy sweetness of coconut. It is not uncommon to eat curries of egg, fish, meat or vegetables for breakfast. They can range from subtle and light, scented with cinnamon and pandan leaf, to dark and intense. Dishes crafted from coconut, jaggery and rice flour satisfy those with a morning sweet tooth.

This breakfast spread reflects in concept and cooking the philosophy of Edible Archives: to use local, seasonal, indigenous ingredients in a mindful way and serve food that is nourishing, tasty and sustainable.