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The Coffee Appreciation DIY Masterclass kit.

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Gift an experience! - a great gift for a coffee enthusiast (yourself included), that involves sharpening of coffee skills, appreciating the differences between 2 very different kinds of coffee processing, and most importantly, helping identify what kind of tasting notes you or the person you're gifting this to likes most in coffee which makes ordering coffee in the future much easier!

You get 2 bags of very diverse (differently processed) coffees, an easy piece of brewing equipment, a third 'control' sample of coffee, a coffee scoring sheet and the password and link to a video guide that will take you through the entire process of coffee sensory analysis. And you can do all of this in the comfort of your home.

Once the order is placed, an email will be sent along with the password to access the sensory analysis video. When you receive the kit, and you are ready, simply find a quiet spot at home, switch off all distractions, get your set up ready, and immerse yourself in a 30 minute coffee discovery journey. This is an experience you are not going to forget!


What's Included:

2 bags of Arabica single estate coffee (200 gm each)

Filtro / Channi-style coffee filter worth Rs. 400

A sensory analysis scoring sheet

Control sample of coffee(for you to keep comparing back to - makes it easier for beginners)

A link and password to access an exclusive video guide.





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