The Coffee Harvest Festival – Maverickandfarmer

The Coffee Harvest Festival

As the coffee harvest season on our farm is drawing to a close, we’re celebrating all things connected to the harvest - colour, abundance, joy, and newness.

Come celebrate with us! We have workshops on coffee and things that are coffee related, we have performances, we have tasting of food and coffee, and a fabulous and buzzing spring-style lifestyle bazaar curated by the The Q-rator Box.

Whatsapp or call 7204630630 for details or any info.

All of this is happening at the newly launched Maverick & Farmer Coffee Bar at Bengaluru. Click here for the location.

Our line - up of workshops (fill in the form at the end of this page to register, all workshops are free) and events is as follows: 

maverick and farmer coffee harvest festival

Our fabulously curated lifestyle bazaar consists of the following unique brands:

coffee harvest festival  


There is valet parking at the venue, please drive right up to Gate #3 of RBNAMS grounds and you will spot our signage.