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Milk and Honey

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The third in our 'Maverick Coffees for 2020' series, Milk & honey is a specialty coffee where milk (from our own cows on the farm!) is used at the initial fermentation stage to mellow down the coffee as well as create truly unique tasting notes due to an enzymatic reaction of the sugars present in the milk and the coffee fruit. 

The coffee is then further processed using the honey sun-drying method. A double treat for sure!

Expect to taste a one-of-its kind, mellow as a pillow coffee with some milk toffee and muskmelon notes.

Read about Milk & Honey here

Bean: Arabica

Process: Washed, primary and secondary fermented

Roast Profile: medium-light

Tasting notes: Milk toffee, Muskmelon.

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