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What The Ale!?

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Add yeast to malted grain and water and what do you get... beer? Not if you also add a micro lot of some freshly harvested arabica coffee beans to the mix. 

What the Ale!? is our beer-fermented coffee. Coffee notes in ale as an idea is as old as the hills, especially in a kind of beer called Stout. For the first time we're using the beer fermentation process to create an experimental coffee. The process is super-complicated, but what it means for you as a coffee drinker is this - 

A medium roast coffee that is sweet, full bodied and ever-so slightly funky. The acidity is a most pleasing lemony zest that sets off the stout-like notes so perfectly. This is deliciousness. Take our word for it. 

Bean: Arabica

Process: Washed, primary and secondary fermented

Roast Profile: medium

Tasting notes: Stout. Lemon zest.

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